Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I wrote the intro essay for Pitchfork's 50 Best IDM Albums of All Time - and short appreciations for Boards of Canada's Geogaddi and Isolée's Rest.

As with the ambient list, there's lots of things I've never heard, and even a few names I've never heard of.

Surprised at the non-appearance of Luke Vibert, though.

If the electorate has been restricted to a single voter -  me! - then Throbbing Pouch would be Top Five and Tally Ho! would have placed somewhere too. There'd be even more Aphex Twin (Analogue Bubblebath 3.... that old tracks for free megadump bonanza of a few years ago) and even more Boards of Canada. Those exquisite early Black Dog EPs would have got a nod. 

Yes, I would incline to a narrower and somewhat Britcentric conception of IDM.... Do Detroit-aligned or German-minimal things really count? IDM fans might like them, but....

You'd also have seen this lovely record in there too. 

An album inspired by bereavement, as it happens. 

Also grief-releasing is this first-phase IDM classic -  by the overlooked Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. 

I did not know this existed. Like a beloved face, seen from a different angle. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

RIP Jaki Liebezeit

The might, the majesty

Scoring 9.8 on the Motorikhter Scale

Five bodies, one mind.

Here, though, they come over not so very distant from Deep Purple

Back to the worship...

Absolutely rollin

The Meters of Mittel Europa

Postpunkfunk should have just not even bothered -  game over, six years previous

Cooking up your bodybrain

The politics of trancing

And last but perhaps most -  my favorites, I think

(Is this a tango?)

The unstoppable pulse

Liebezeit - translates literally as Lovetime.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Remembering Mark Fisher

Here's my more "official" tribute to Mark at The Guardian

The words came easy, although it was somewhat disorienting to be assessing the achievements and legacy of a friend who was also a public figure. 

That was his achievement, though  -  he was out there, making a difference in the world.  

Only real problem was struggling to fit all that Mark had done into the word-count. He was active on so many various fronts, came up with so many concepts and provocations.  

There's an increasing number of remembrances out there, with more promised.

Below are just some of the testimonials so far from friends and colleagues - touchingly personal, or touching on other facets of his work than I could cover.

Owen Hatherley's 

Jeremy Greenspan's 

Derek Walmsley's

Siobhan McKeown's 

Dissensus bods's 

David Stubbs's (+ and unpublished 2010 interview with Mark by Agata Pyzik)

John Foxx's 

Adam Harper's 

Robin Mackay's

Otolith Collective's

Paul Autonomic's

Dan Fox at Frieze's

Sam Davies at Sight & Sound's

Also a proper long study of his life and work from Alex Niven at Jacobin

There is also a fund now that's been set up to support Zoë and George.  Please give if you're able. In a little over a day, it reached its target amount and now has a new target amount. That's a lot of love there. (Update 1/24: it's now reached the revised target amount and is steadily ascending to yet another target amount - amazing!)

Later on I will pull together some links to favorite or epochal pieces by Mark. There's so many, though!

Oh and this is lovely - Magz Hall dug out a Resonance radio doc she did in 2004 on the early blogscene - you can hear Mark's voice, along with Woebot, Geeta Dayal, Luke Davis and myself. Happy days...